Raise funds for your school by recycling unwanted clothes

Recycle 4 School is a free fundraising scheme that helps schools raise funds through textile recycling.

We are committed to helping schools and other organisations raise funds in a way that is eco-friendly, highly educational, and best of all, at no cost to them.
We help organise collections of good quality unwanted clothing by encouraging parents, students and staff to recycle their unwanted items, and make a BACS payment into your school fund within 5 working days of the collection.
The Recycle 4 School scheme is designed to develop students’ awareness of textile recycling while providing them with a platform to generate much needed funds for their chosen cause.

How it works

Contact us and request your BoxDrop, external bank or bags

Fill your bags, bank or BoxDrop with unwanted clothes and shoes – for a list of what we accept click here.

We will collect your items on an agreed day, weigh them and issue a receipt for your collection.

We then send a payment based on the weight collected into your bank account within 5 working days.

What happens to my clothes next?

Well, once your clothes are loaded onto our van they start a journey that could take them to any corner of the world.

Different items will be more likely to end up in different climates – one thing all the clothes do have in common is that they are going to a place where they will provide affordable clothing to people who need it.


I will contact you again as the whole process was painless – thank you for that!

Margaret in Lancashire

This is brilliant – thank you!

Rhona in Rhyl

Thank you, I will recommend you to other PTAs

Sally in Wallasey

Thank you very much, brilliant!

Helen in Colwyn Bay

I am really pleased with our experience! Darryl was prompt in getting back to me and arranging collection of our bags. So pleased to raise money in this quick and easy way, whilst also helping recycle clothes.

Olivia in Liverpool

Made up with this scheme

Janet in Runcorn



Should I order a BoxDrop, external bank or arrange a bag collection day?

They have different advantages. One-off bag collections are great for groups and organisations that meet on a weekly basis whereas BoxDrops are best for schools, pre-schools and community centres where they can be continuously accessed throughout the week. An external recycling bank is the best option for schools where there is insufficient space indoors for a BoxDrop.

Where can I place the BoxDrop or external bank?

The boxes must be placed indoors, ideally in a busy, well used area and somewhere our drivers can easily gain access to during business hours. External banks are placed outdoors and can be used to raise funds all year round.

How often will my BoxDrop or external bank be emptied?

Boxes and banks can be emptied as many times as required. All we ask if that the box / bank is full before you request a collection. For boxes, this is usually within a week of your call.

How much do you pay per kilo or tonne of clothing?

We pay up to 40p per kilo which is £400 per tonne of clothing.

What areas do you cover?

We currently cover the North-West, some areas of the Midlands, most of Wales, Bristol and Gloucestershire. Please contact us for more information.

What items do you accept?

Please check out our items we accept page for a full list of items that we can and can’t accept for recycling.

Do you have any tips or resources for promoting my collection?

We do indeed – head over our promotion tips page for a poem that can be read out or played at assembly and check our fundraising tips page for some great ideas on how to make the most from your collection.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy – you can request a BoxDrop, an external recycling bank or bag delivery by filling out a simple online form. Once we have your details we’ll get them sent out and its over to you until you’re ready for us to come and pick them up. If you would prefer to get started over the phone, please call us on 08000 142 412.

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